Dear mr getost.

Har precis skrivit ett flashigt mail till min gamla engelsklärare, efter att ha skrivit ett personligt brev till scoutcentret i Schweiz. Konstigt nog känns det kul att skriva lite flashig engelska igen, även om den inte är lika bra som innan studenten. Läste igenom min uppsats jag skrev som sista grej i Engelska C, bra grejer det där!

Dear Leslie,

How are you? Is Bladins as wonderful as when your old mentor class brightened up your days? When I meet friends from the class we sometimes talk about memories from Bladins and how those English lessons actually were quite enjoyable, even though we sometimes had some difficulty to see it back then…

 Right now I’m studying psychology at the University of Lund and I love the town and all the people I’m meeting. However, I want to do something more adventurous next year and I’m applying for being a volunteer at a scout centre in Switzerland this spring. In addition to my personal letter they would like to have two reference letters, and my question for you is if you would like to write one for me? I fully understand if you have a lot to do with all your students at Bladins, but I would be very grateful if you had the time. I’m attaching my personal letter since I remember that you asked people to do that when you wrote reference letters before we graduated.

If I’m accepted to become a volunteer I’ll be there for three months, March-June, and will take care of guests, prepare, clean and restore the campsite in preparation for the summer when they get great amounts of guests at the centre, as well as helping out with other things such as administration.

If you have the possibility to write this letter, it would be nice if you sent it to me in the beginning of December. The due-date for the application is December 15 and I have to send it to the Swedish scout organization for approval first, which will take a couple of days.

By the way, Mikaela (who’s been in France for about two months studying French) and I will come and visit you some time next week when she’s back home in Sweden again. I have an “Advanced English”-book who wants to come back to you again, and it would be nice to meet everybody again!

I was surprised that I still was able to log on to PedNet, but in case of this ability suddenly disappearing, please answer to my private e-mail,

Say hi to Karin from me!

Best wishes,



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