Evening in Kandersteg

It’s dark outside, and the darkness is your only companion. The light has disappeared from the forest and the eyes have to be trusted to detect which of the shadows are roots and stones, and which ones that are created by your imagination.
Suddenly, water appears in front of you. Turn back? Balance on the tufts of grass? Jump?
Get wet legs when water splashes up behind you.
You follow the river, but have to jump over some trees that have fallen down across your path. Babbling water runs past, quick quick, we’re finally free after a winter in the mountains!
Dogs show up from the shadows. Barking, sprinting towards you. A voice is heard from far away. The dogs don’t care. Turn back, no interest in becoming a night snack.
Sit down at a bridge, look at Bire who shows itself from its best side, darkness against dark blue sky.
Find new paths, walk further into the forest. Figure out which of the paths in the crossing that brings you back to the village. See the brightness increase. The path appears, and you realize where you are.
The road brings you back to the Centre. Home. Warmth is spreading once you’ve opened the door. The boots are placed beside their friends, and the bed says “welcome, sleep well”.
Another evening in Kandersteg has come to its end.

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